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The primary purpose of FAHC is the hikes, but we do a lot of other things.

Coordinating all of the activities of FAHC takes a fair bit of work that can only be accomplished through the generous efforts of our members. We keep our meetings light and fun, and they are a great way to get to know the other members.

Interested in leading a hike or adding day hikes to the calendar? Contact the webmaster.

 If there is not sufficient contact information for a hike you're interested in, please contact our Hike Coordinator, John Risser, either by email or phone at 488-6500.

For up-to-the-minute information about upcoming hikes, and to find people to join you on your own hikes, you should be a member of the FAHC Yahoo groups email list! Go to the FAHC group's home page to sign up.


If you would like to propose an event be added to this page, or need to update any information here, please send an email to the Webmaster with information, including date and time, description, contact information, and, for hikes, a few words to be used as a rating of the difficulty and terrain.